Time honored traditional burials at Glendale offer a variety of tranquil locations within our 55 wooded acres.

Traditional burial is a time-honored way to lay to rest a departed loved one. Within Glendale Cemetery’s more than 55 rolling, wooded acres, there are still choices where you can select the perfect tranquil location for a final resting place.

  • Glendale’s tree-lined property is situated in a peaceful, private locale in Essex County, with nearby Garden State Parkway access, providing beauty, dignity and convenience of location.
  • Perpetual care, at no cost to the lot owner, ensures that all sites are maintained impeccably, providing a beautiful setting in which to visit your loved ones.
  • An irrevocable trust fund ensures the everlasting preservation and maintenance of all cemetery grounds.
  • Cemetery property is dedicated for that purpose only, ensuring that the land will never be redeveloped for any other use.
  • The cemetery’s various sections are designed to accommodate arrangements for both individuals and families.
  • Mark your site with a memorial. The different areas of the cemetery provide for a range of approved markers.
  • Pre-arrange by selecting your lot or family plot ahead of time so that your chosen place will be reserved for you.
  • Planning ahead also has the financial benefits of today’s prices for tomorrow’s need and the option of a no-interest payment plan.
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