The beautiful granite and glass design of Glendale’s mausoleums provide a serene interior setting to visit your loved ones in all seasons.

Mausoleums are above-ground structures that have been used for centuries as an alternative to traditional in-ground burial. The mausoleums at Glendale have combined modern building techniques with elegant design, creating a peaceful setting in which to give an enduring and dignified tribute to your loved ones.

  • Glendale’s mausoleums are lasting structures, built to withstand time and the elements.
  • The beautiful granite and glass design of Glendale’s mausoleums provides a serene setting in which to visit your loved ones in all seasons.
  • Each crypt is designed and built to last, ensuring that it will always stay dry, clean, properly ventilated and fully protected.
  • Choose the type of crypt that will suit you and your family’s needs. We offer various configurations with accommodations from one to four family members in a single crypt. We also offer adjoining crypts for extended families.
  • Memorialization on the crypt front is included, enabling you to provide a lasting tribute for the departed.
  • An irrevocable trust fund provides for the meticulous care of all crypts and the preservation of the grounds for perpetuity.
  • A mausoleum is an everlasting resting place and is accepted by most faiths.
  • Preplanning enables you to make arrangements for yourself and family members, eliminating the need for emotional decisions in a time of bereavement.
  • Glendale’s new indoor mausoleum features a state-of-the-art security system and is now climate controlled.

Today’s pricing is a practical benefit of planning now for the future. We also offer interest-free payment options and a buy-back policy. In many instances, the cost associated with a mausoleum purchase can be comparable to that of a traditional burial.

Deeded burial plots may be exchanged with credit applied to the purchase of a crypt.

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