This growing trend offers families flexibility in time and degree of formality while maintaining ceremonies similar to traditional burials.

The number of families opting for cremation has increased. significantly during the past few years. To that end, Glendale continues to adapt to meet this growing trend. While a cremation ceremony can be much like that of a traditional burial ceremony, families have more flexibility both in time and degree of formality.

  • Families may customize an individual tribute to their loved ones. Glendale’s staff is here to assist you in exploring the many options available in choosing a final resting place.
  • Glendale’s Chatham Cremorial Gardens, a tree-lined area with a winding path, is the picture of peace and serenity — the perfect setting in which to memorialize those who have chosen cremation. Within the garden, one has the option of a niche or the scattering site.
  • A niche is a dignified memorial with which to mark the final resting place. The urn is locked into place within the bronze niche and a bronze scroll, inscribed with the name and dates of the departed, is placed over it.
  • The scattering site offers memorialization in a tranquil, beautifully landscaped garden setting. Cremated remains are scattered in the garden and the deceased can be remembered with an inscription of his or her name on a plaque within the garden area. The scattering garden is a dedicated cemetery property, which means that it will never be designated for another use in the future.
  • In addition to the Cremorial Gardens, Glendale offers other options for cremation that include columbarium glass front display niches where loved ones can view the urns.
  • Our mausoleums offer niches, both indoors and outdoors. You may select a niche to accommodate either one or two urns.
  • Cremated remains may also be interred in an existing family plot or in one of Glendale’s specially designated, in-ground lots. The loved one’s resting place can be marked much in the same way as a traditional burial, with your choice of our approved markers.
  • All gardens and grounds are meticulously landscaped, receiving perpetual maintenance and care throughout the year.
  • Cremation is accepted by most religious faiths.
  • Niches and cremation lots can be pre-arranged with an interest-free payment plan.