We guide you through every step of the planning process so you can make well considered arrangements without the stress of grief and the constraints of time.

We know that planning for death is something that is difficult to consider. However, the practical benefits of pre-planning far outweigh any unease that you may associate with this important decision. At Glendale, we are here to make your planning as easy as possible, guiding you every step of the way, at a time when you can make carefully considered plans without the stress of grief and constraints of time.

  • Glendale’s mausoleums are lasting structures, built to withstand time and the elements.
  • The beautiful granite and glass design of Glendale’s mausoleums provides a serene setting in which to visit your loved ones in all seasons.
  • Each crypt is designed and built to last, ensuring that it will always stay dry, clean, properly ventilated and fully protected.
  • Choose the type of crypt that will suit you and your family’s needs. We offer various configurations with accommodations from one to four family members in a single crypt. We also offer adjoining crypts for extended families.
  • Memorialization on the crypt front is included, enabling you to provide a lasting tribute for the departed.
  • An irrevocable trust fund provides for the meticulous care of all crypts and the preservation of the grounds for perpetuity.
  • A mausoleum is an everlasting resting place and is accepted by most faiths.
  • Preplanning enables you to make arrangements for yourself and family members, eliminating the need for emotional decisions in a time of bereavement.
  • Glendale’s new indoor mausoleum features a state-of-the-art security system and is now climate controlled.